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26.08.2015 - Preventative Work
„Caries, microbes & Co.“
Due to the great support of numerous donors, our volunteers Paulina Becker, Josephine Fahr, Wiebke Dickfeld and Malte Wolf could execute a little activity at a new project of Human Help Network in Thailand.   As a consequence of the building boom, Pattaya became a big magnet for job applicants from the whole country, especially from the North and the border areas to Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Usually the whole family moves to the new working place. Generally both parents, the mother and the father, are working at the construction site. Because of that, the children, who often not even have the Thai … » read more

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Love & Care #2 at Alangkarn Theatre
Enjoy the Ad Carabao Band and traditional and cultural shows from 13:30 to 16:00. Tickets available at the Pattaya Orphanage or by phone: 081-752-0445  (Khun Toy), 038-488-956, 038-416-426


038 488 956
HUMAN HELP NETWORK Foundation Thailand
384 Moo 6 Sukhumvit Highway
Km.144 Naklue Banglamung
Chonburi 20150, Thailand

24.08.2015 - Donation

100,000 Baht Donation for the Glory Hut Foundation

The Glory Hut Foundation is helping children and young adults who suffer from HI …
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18.08.2015 - Volunteers

New volunteers for HHNFT 2015-2016

Now we, Paulina Becker and Josephine Fahr, want to continue their voluntary work …
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21.07.2015 - Pattaya Orphanage

Buddhist Lent Day with the Pattaya Orphanage

The Buddhist Lent has a long tradition. Usually, monks are wandering around a lo …
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