The new Drop in Center

As you may know, the Drop-In Center on 3rd Road in central Pattaya is one step in our 4 part mission to improve the situation of Pattaya’s street children. The Drop-in Center provides an oportunity for rehabilitation of street children. We provide basic necessities such as food, clothing, and medicine for an average of 50 children per month. The children also receive counseling and a safe shelter if needed and accepted. While the children stay at the Drop-in Center, our team evaluates possibilities for family reintegration, repatriation (in case of migrants or victims of trafficking) or referral to long term facilities like the Child Protection and Development Center in Pattaya.
2015 ten south Asian countries want to form the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) – a single aviation market across ASEAN nations. While it is true that the ASEAN community will mean freed movement of skilled labour in seven selected professions, Thailand, which is a magnet for migrant workers from neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, is concerned. Any professional who wants to work for another country must comply with their laws. For example, a Thai doctor must take an examination in Singapore if he wants to work there. Likewise workers who are qualified to take advance of the labour scheme must at least have a bachelor’s degree and take an evaluation examination in English to qualify for the job.
These qualifications are to a Thai’s disadvantage. Thais are very much limited by the language barrier. In order to prepare for these changes HHNFT is building a new and bigger Drop-In Center. It is only a block away from the Pattaya Orphanage and will be able to provide a safe shelter for more children. In the moment we plan on having 20 beds for children who need to stay for a longer time. We are now waiting for the raining season to end and will start as soon as we have all release letters availabel. For you we already took a picture of how the compound looks in the moment.