Father Ray’s 10th Anniversary

To honour this very special occasion Mrs. Sharron Purtell, Fr. Ray’s only sister, (accompanied by her daughter Amy), travelled from North America to Pattaya to visit the many projects founded by Father Ray.
To begin proceedings we gathered for a simple ceremony in front of Fr Ray’s statue. This was attended by Khun Sharron and Amy along with many friends of Fr. Ray, our benefactors and the children of the Orphanage, who placed flowers at the foot of the statue.  This was followed by a special dinner at the Orphanage, where Khun Sharron and her daughter were joined by a number of Fr. Ray’s close friends.
After the dinner we adjourned to attend a special dinner with the presence of German Ambassador Mr. Rolf Schulze at the Rotary Club Pheonix Pattaya on the occasion to confer Mr. Reiner Calmund, great benefactor of the Pattaya Orphanage and CPDC.
Memorial Mass held at St. Nikolaus Church Pattaya on Friday 16th where we were joined by the many the children, friends and people of Pattaya who loved Fr. Ray and took this opportunity to honour his memory.  It was a very special occasion and despite the sadness of no longer having Fr. Ray with us, we had a wonderful day remembering with tears, laughter and affection a man who has such a special place in all our hearts.  We are sure that Khun Sharron and Amy will carry some wonderful memories back to the USA to share with their family.