Fun Day Out at the Regents school

They spent the next hour in the sporting hall enjoying themselves playing tag and various ball games and this was followed by some snacks and ice cream, so that everyone was refreshed for the next round of activities. After their snack, all the children enjoyed some creative activities including art and drawing. It was lovely to see how quickly the Regent School students and the Sotpattana students bonded and interacted happily on the playground.
After the art activities it was finally time for the much anticipated opportunity to play in the swimming pool. The Sotpattana children were guided and supported by the sports teacher, Regent students and volunteers, into the specially designed children’s pool. The children who were able to swim also took the chance to practice their skills in the big pool, under guidance of watchful staff.
The opportunity to go swimming was a major highlight of the day and everyone left the pool reluctantly, but with big smiles on their faces.  The perfect morning ended with a delicious lunch in the school’s dining room.
The staff and students of Sotpattana School wish to thank everyone at the Regents School for all the effort that went into creating such a wonderful experience, and we look forward to spending more time together soon.