The Tinzmann Family wins the Lottery and visits Pattaya

Our volunteers were happy to be given the opportunity to take care of Mr. and Mrs. Tinzmann and support them when they arrived in Pattaya after spending a few days in Bangkok. For their five day stay in Pattaya they stayed in a hotel close to Pattaya Orphanage and using that as their base our volunteers wanted to ensure they would enjoy their holiday in Thailand and introduce them to our projects here in Pattaya.
The first project they visited was the Orphanage on Sukhumvit, which Human Help Network has supported for a number of years. They toured the orphanage compound and spoke with our Director Khun Toy who explained the work our organization does in Pattaya.
The Tinzmann’s were delighted to meet some of the children and were very impressed with the orphanage home and the support given by HHN. They were equally impressed when our staff members took them on a tour of the Child Protection and Development Centre where HHN supports the care of children who were previously living on the streets of Pattaya and children from very poor and inadequate backgrounds. In the CPDC environment the kids are happy and of course talkative so the Tinzmanns couldn’t help enjoy spending time with them and being in their company.
Mr. Tinzmann, knowing what makes everyone happy in hot countries like Thailand, invited everyone at CPDC for Ice Cream. The girls at the Centre were delighted to chat to Mrs. Tinzmann who showed genuine interest in their life at CPDC.
We are sure that the Tinzmanns enjoyed their stay in Pattaya especially, we hope, their tour of the Orphanage and the CPDC since they expressed their interest in supporting our work. We very much appreciate their intentions to help our unfortunate kids and hope that they will join us in our work in Pattaya. HHN thank the Tinzmanns for their visit and we look forward to hearing from them in the very near future.