Amadeus visits the CPDC

The Amadeus group arrived at 10:30 a.m. at the compound of the CPDC.  The 200 children of the CPDC with the children from the slums, Mercy Center, Baan Jing Jai and the Fountain of Life Center who arrived earlier, were all already very excited and looking forward to all the planned activities.
Everyone was directed towards the sportscourt where five of the girls from the CPDC performed a classical welcome dance in colorful dresses.  Later, a brief speech was made by Director of the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand.  She extended a warm welcome to all the visitors and our girls presented  garlands to the two executives, Mr. David Brett and Ms. Ana Doval.
After this Mrs. Radchada introduced the team leaders of the different activity groups and directed everyone to where the activities were to take place.   The huge visitor group was split into smaller teams to participate in several activities with the children. The activities included drawing, planting vegetables and trees, working at the mushroom farm, sport activities, painting the storeroom, doing beads handicraft and cooking.
The groups spread out all over the compound with the children.  At the dining hall the kids were busy showing the visitors how to make wonderful necklaces and on the football ground a team of visitors and children had a lot of fun  playing games like “musical chairs”. At around 12 o’clock, exhausted from many different events everyone met in front of the education center where a huge buffet was set up and everyone enjoyed a fantastic lunch together.
After lunch the President of Amadeus Asia Mr. David Brett made a thank you speech at the sports court and photos were taken to remember this important day .  The Amadeus asked if they could erect their logo sign on our benefactor’s wall.  Everyone enjoyed this very memorable and wonderful sunny day at CPDC. Both the visitors and the children had great fun at the various activity stations around the compound enjoying each other’s company and spend a great time together.
We would like to thank all the visitors of Amadeus who took the time to come and visit us at CPDC. It was a fun day for everyone and our kids had a special and unforgettable day meeting everyone and taking part in all the events.