Circus Arts at the CPDC

It is no secret that every child loves the circus with its artists who can, in their eyes, do incredible and wonderful things. They mostly really want to know how to learn circus arts, but it is not easy to find somebody who has the knowledge, the time and the patience to teach it to a child.
The children of the CPDC got the chance to explore these amazing arts with experts who exactly know how to do them.
Nearly every morning in the past two weeks, the CPDC’s sportscourt, transformed into a big playground with many stations, which focused on different tricks and artistic skills.
Once the five young and motivated coaches from the Vancouver Circus school arrived, our children took the chance to get in touch with various circus arts like juggling, jumping on the trampoline and acrobatics. On some special dates, a dance teacher joined the group and showed everyone different dance moves to many kinds of music.
Interested in the ideas of children, everyone could bring up own dance moves, which finally formed a complete choreography.
It took only a few days and everyone could see how much the children improved their skills in such a short time. Also the friendship between the coaches and their students grew with every day and we are very happy that our children could spend this time with such a nice team.