Sport activities at the CPDC

Starting with different competitions, such as sack race and tug-of-war took place, the children of four teams proved their skills.  Afterwards the volleyball match began. By using barrels to cheer the players up the other children were a great support for the CPDC Volleyball girls, who play “professional” in a volleyball club.
Exhausted from many different games, which took place in the morning the children enjoyed a huge lunch together, to rebuild their power for the soccer match in the afternoon. After this short break the football match took place on our own football ground and our boys were excited to play against the other teams and the children.  The sport event came to an end and all children were carried back to their home.
Altogether it was a day full of fun and happiness. The children enjoyed being together and were thankful about the chance of doing sports with their friends.
We would like to thank the Fr. Ray Foundation and the Social Welfare of Chonburi for organizing such a great event.