UNODC and the Thai Police visited the CPDC

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes has been a sponsor of the CPDC for a long time and its vast and long lasting experiences on drug control and crime prevention contribute significantly to the success of CPDC. This Wednesday, the 8th of August, the UN-Director for Inspection and Division Deborah Rugg visited our center to ensure herself about the progress of the cooperation between UNODC and CPDC. In particular, she was very interested in the preventive measures against child trafficking at the CPDC and the structure of the CPDC as a whole.  We are happy to report that she was highly impressed by the progress which has been made in the last time. Of course she did not miss out to get to know the children as well.
The UNODC representative did not visit the CPDC alone this time, but together with the chief of the police unit in charge of human trafficking at the Office of Crime on Human trafficking visited the CPDC together with his team. They had a meeting with leading staff and members of the CPDC, to discuss approaches to the issue of child trafficking in the local community. The police officers offered to help not only the children in local community, but also to support us in related relevant efforts. We are truly happy and are confident that this cooperation will further benefit our attempts to fight child poverty and human trafficking.
In the name of HHNFT and CPDC we would like to express our gratitude to our visitors for their visit and most valuable support for the center.