Amazing acrobatics in the Pattaya Orphanage

The Chinese acrobatic troupe “Hunan Feiyan” elated the audience by performing manifold show acts ranging from floor exercises and acrobatics with balls to roller-skating. Audacious feats took the breath of all attending and provided for a great evening. The show was accompanied by tasty Thai dishes offered and luscious snacks like Sushi and crackers.
All the benefits of this event go to the Education Fund of the Pattaya Orphanage which currently takes care of 180 orphans and deaf children; among them attend educational facilities from kindergarten to university level. To provide them with high quality education is essential in order to grant them a successful future.
At this occasion HHNFT wants to express its special thanks to the Norwegian foundation “ChildCare Norge”. Not only are they a monthly supporter of our mission to help children in need and additionally sponsored this great event, but what is more they also paid for 300 tickets allowing street and slum children to join; especially for them this evening was an unforgettable experience.