Extending a long standing friendship

The association “Les Amis de L’Orphelinat de Pattaya” (Friends of the Pattaya Orphanage) from France has supported the Pattaya Orphanage for a long time, in fact nearly twenty years. Being in close contact with HHNFT they did not falter to grant their relief also to the CPDC; For example they donated one of the girls-houses.
Leaded by Khun Didier Maly (Chief Executive), Khun Veronique Besson and Khun Valerie Gerard on their three weeks tour through Thailand this year, they had a look at the development of the CPDC – accompanied not only by the staff of HHNFT but also by Khun Ewald, Director of HHN Germany, as a guest of honor. To support further progress they announced to sponsor the needed turbines for the fish pond.
To thank them for their generosity the children surprised them with several special performances consisting of different dancing and artistic. With regard to the upcoming Valentine’s Day they also handed out red roses to their benefactors. In the meantime dinner had been prepared, so everybody could enjoy the delicious food sponsored by the visitors.
HHNFT wants to express its gratitude for the generous support and we are glad to have such great and reliable friends.