US Navy helped cleaning CPDC-compound

In spite of the long trip that started early from the Laem Chabaeng harbor, the group arrived in the morning at CPDC. However they did not show any tiredness, but directly started working. While half of them helped cleaning the houses, the others started picking up the garbage from the ground, weeding, cleaning the fish pond and washing cars. But not only the Navy was hard working, the children were highly motivated as well. They showed that they are able to take responsibility for their home and their environment, an important goal of CPDC. Soon a team spirit has been developed. Yet helping the children tidying up was far from being all the visitors did for the children, they also sponsored medical goods and impressed by the children’s engagement they donated some extra money.
Just as the quotation “business before pleasure”, after all the work was done the group joined the children for having their lunch. Subsequently the children could not wait to take their visitors by the hand directly to the sports court or the pitch. No doubt, this was great fun for both sides.
Unfortunately time flied and soon the Navy had to leave going on their long journey back to their ship.
We want to thank the whole team for supporting our children by their donation, but more by help taking care of their duties. As well we want to say thank you for the little souvenir, received by some staff members of CPDC and Khun Scheree Wilkie, representative of HHNFT. Though a special appreciation goes to Mr. Henry Green, who was in charge of the group, and to Khun Peter Thorand for managing the team.