Voluntary work of the US Navy at CPDC

After their arrival the team was split into two groups. One group worked adjusting the land so grass can be planted to make the surrounding greener and even more beautiful. The other group was busy with digging holes for concrete columns. Bamboo frames will be put between these concrete columns, so climbing plants can grow on it. While some of the children were helping the Navy the others collected rubbish on the land or distributed water for the hardworking Navy. When there was nothing more to work on, the team had some time to play with the children. The children enjoyed playing volleyball and basketball and the great fondness the Navy showed towards them.
Then it was lunchtime and once more everybody had the chance to enjoy the great Thai food cooked by Khun Eat. However the highlight was definitely the fresh chocolate chip cookies made by the children and served right away out of the oven. The team complimented them on how well behaved they are.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards the team for the great work they did at CPDC and for sharing their time with the children. Special thanks go to the chaplain, Khun Donald Baker and to Khun Peter for organizing the event and for the constant support.