Community Support for the CPDC

The center was visited by a group of locals who generously provided the children and adults with a lovely lunch that was enjoyed very much by everybody.
A team of doctors and nurses headed by Dr. Charn Phanyaboon from Mith-Mitree Medical Center also visited the center to offer their help. The visit was under the initiative of Mr. Somsong Niltiem, Director of the Chonburi Group. The medical team conducted free health check-ups on both the children and adults from the slums, some of whom have serious and ongoing health problems. Therefore free medical services are much needed and appreciated by the community and will from now on be provided at the CPDC once per month.
A visiting barber was also available to give free haircuts. It is very important for the children to keep their hair short and neat as this helps them to fit in at school and improves their self-confidence.
The Human Help Network Foundation Thailand as well as the staff and children of the CPDC would like to offer their sincere thanks to everybody who made this special occasion possible. Their help and kind support in caring for the underprivileged children is highly appreciated.