Friendship between Schools for the Deaf in Germany and Pattaya

Sandra Werner-Kreßmann, a dedicated pedagogue for the hearing and visually impaired and her students from the vocational school have maintained active contact via e-mail with the children from Sotpattana School for the Deaf. They have also been sending pictures and letters back and forth to learn about each others cultures. Despite the short period of time, the German students have built a close relationship to their little friends in Pattaya and sent them self-made jigsaw puzzles, memory games and a domino set.
The children of the Sotpattana School love their new toys and play with them often. Now, as Christmas approaches, the German students have sold self-made Christmas cards to support the Sotpattana School and to buy Christmas presents for the children. Especially Anuschka and Jesco, two committed students, took great effort to make this donation possible.
Human Help Network Foundation Thailand wants to thank Sandra Werner-Kreßmann and her students for their constant support and the joy they are bringing to Sotpattana School for the Deaf – Merry Christmas!