2nd German Embassy´s Grant for Nursing Unit Worth 580,000 Baht

Mister Hanns Schumacher signed a donation over 580,000 Baht, which is already the second immense donation of the German Embassy to the CPDC. As the first German Embassy´s donation made it possible to build up the first two living houses for the children, the second donation now will allow to build up a nursing unit which will not just make health care accessible to all CPDC children but moreover to all needy children of the slums. The importance of a nursing unit is obvious as many slum children suffer diverse diseases but their parents cannot afford any medical treatment. The German Embassy´s donation will in the future reach out and help hundreds of slum children as well as the CPDC children.


While taking a look at the new farm that will self-support our kitchen and the new two houses his Excellency said that he was impressed by how much the project developed in the last year. He enjoyed some time with the CPDC children and even joined a little football game before his Excellency went on. All members of HHN Foundation Thailand as well as the CPDC are were grateful and appreciate Mr. Schumachers great support to the project. We are all looking forward to the opening of the nursing unit and are very glad to welcome Mr. Schumacher and all members of the German Embassy in the future again.