36th Anniversary at Pattaya Orphanage

The Orphanage had arranged for a big stage and several hundred seats to be placed in front of the main building. An area next to the orphanage had been flattened in order to work as a car park for the occasion. The preparations had been tremendous but it was surely worth all the work.
Guests began to arrive at the Pattaya Orphanage at around 7:30, being warmly welcomed with food and drinks. The guests enjoyed a great variety of traditional Thai snacks and fruits, for example Kanom Krok, Rambutan or Longen to name just a few.
At 9:30 the official program started with the welcoming of Bishop Lawrence Thienchai Samanchit, President of the Pattaya Orphanage Executive Board and Mr. Weerawat Khakhai, Debuty Mayor of Pattaya City.
At 10:00 the opening ceremony began with an original Thai dance of the orphans, which was followed by the presentation and receipt of funds in support of the Pattaya Orphanage Education Fund. The fund holds capital to afford a school education for the children at the Pattaya Orphanage.
After the official festivities and the Thanksgiving Mass, everybody was invited for lunch at the Orphanage’s canteen. Luckily the weather had been constantly dry and not too hot over the day.The festivities were not disturbed by a single drop of rain.
Among the special guests was a crew from the German Lufthansa, representing the Help Alliance, which gave a generous donation to the Education Fund. The crew under Mrs. Susanne Winkler, that had just arrived in Bangkok the night before, attended the festivities and had a great time, joining the smaller children and babies in the toddlers’ and babies’ rooms.
For 36 years now, the Pattaya orphanage has been a safe haven for all kinds of children that lost their parents or could not be raised in normal family circumstances. Since its foundation under Father Ray, the Orphanage has seen a lot of change. Children came and went and so did supporters of the Orphanage. Looking back now, we are lucky to say, that, up to this point, the history of the Pattaya Orphanage has been one of great success, always supported by loyal and generous benefactors. What has remained until the present day is the spirit of care and love for those little members of our society that have no one else.
Considering this tradition and history there was a good reason to celebrate the existence of the Pattaya Orphanage together with its numerous friends. The orphanage received many great gifts and donations that celebration day. The friendly and joyful atmosphere, that was to be felt everywhere at the orphanage, made this day unforgettable for the children, as well as for the guests and staff. On behalf of the Pattaya Orphanage, we want to give our thanks and best wishes to all guests and benefactors, that managed to join us on that day of celebration.