H.M. King Constantine II of Greece visits Pattaya Orphanage

The royal trio arrived at around 10 o’clock and was welcomed by the Director of the Pattaya Orphanage, Fr. Michael Weera Phangrak, as well as Mrs. Radchada Chomjinda, Director of Human Help Network Thailand Foundation and at least 60 of the children, waving Thai and Greek flags and showing much interest in the prominent visitors.
After each one of the Royals received a gift from the Orphanage, handed to them by the children, they kindly gave their signature as a symbol for their support and sympathy towards the Orphanage.
The three guests were shown the Babies’ and Toddlers’ Rooms as well as the Angel Andrea Motivation Room, in which they had great time, playing with the children, enjoying themselves in the middle of the action.
His Majesty King Constantine II had been visiting Pattaya for the international Round Square Conference, which had been taking place in Pattaya that same week under the motto “We walk together”. The conference hosted over 800 delegates, teachers and students, from international schools all over the world to meet, communicate and participate in local community projects, thus also helping at the CPDC (See article “Round Square Delegates help finish CPDC’s Mushroom Farm”).
It was a big honor for us to welcome His Majesty King Constantine II of Greece, Princess Anna Marie of Denmark and Princess Theodora of Greece here. Their affection and care were a blessing for the children, who in return can only offer their smiles and happy faces to show their gratitude.