Orphanage´s boys took part in football tournament in Germany

They were generously invited by the German football Club Viktoria Frechen to take part in the „Sport Mila Cup 2010“. Mr. Reiner Calmund, a German football expert and former manger of the German Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen, Heiko Klimantschewski, Ingo Kleinow and Tina Zander from Viktoria Frechen had the idea of organizing the journey in autumn last year.
Reiner Calmund, a long time supporter of the Pattaya Oprhange as well as the CPDC, managed to organize sponsors for the flight and accommodation, so the boys were ready to take off at the beginning of this June.
Besides taking part in the „Sport Mila Cup 2010” the Orphanage´s football youth team had the chance to take a little look around in some cities of Germany. Always guided by their trainer Heiko Klimanschewski they enjoyed a wonderful and unforgettable time in Germany.
Today they all arrived safely and happily back home in the Orphanage, proud because they even won the second prize of the international football tournament.
Moreover they came back with generous donations such as high quality footballs, shoes and basketballs sponsored by Mr. Reiner Calmund and benefactors. The goods will be shared with the children from the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC) and will bring the children great fun playing and practicing.
All members of the Pattaya Orphanage and CPDC, especially the members of the football youth are very thankful and happy that they had the big honor to travel to Germany. We thank all sponsors and benefactors for making this journey possible and unforgettable for the children.