Pratumnak Hill Quarterly Beach Clean Up

Everyone was armed with a rubbish bag and a pair of plastic gloves before starting the task of collecting the in the street leading to the beach, where we picked up old plastic bags and other litter lying along the roadside. This task was accomplished relatively quickly as there seemed to be less litter than on previous occasions, which was heartening to see.
We then moved on to the Cosy Beach area, where the children worked hard to clean up the litter and mess left by those visitors with little care for our beautiful environment.
In spite of the fitful weather some people were relaxing and sunbathing on the beach. However, when they saw our children diligently picking up plastic packaging and cigarette butts, they were impressed and came to our children thanking them for their efforts and some people even started to pick up litter themselves. Suddenly the rain set in and interrupted our work.
Escaping the rain, we met with the younger children from CPDC at Royal Garden Plaza to enjoy a lovely lunch together at KFC. In addition, Khun Toy had a little surprise in store for our children who willingly spend their Saturday morning on this Clean Up Event. She invited them to Ripley’s World of Entertainment on the 2nd floor. There the children had a lot of fun especially in Ripley’s 4D Moving Theatre. This way, we all finished the day with a good laugh and many fond memories of a great day together.
We are glad that we could not only support the Green Pattaya Project with our helping hands, but also with a financial contribution for their further efforts.