YCH’s Activity Day at CPDC

YCH, a company dealing with supply chain management and logistics, proved its Corporate Social Responsibility by spending a lovely morning with our children at CPDC.
For this special day, many activities had been prepared and our friends from Baan Jing Jai were invited to join our Fun Day.
As we were a really big crowd this morning, we divided us up building smaller groups with our children from CPDC and Baan Jing Jai and the YCH staff. Those smaller groups joined different activities.
One group picked up mushrooms and planted new vegetables while another group painted a colorful picture on a wall.
In the meantime, a group played different games outside, while others preferred to stay inside making wonderful flower bracelets.
Inside CPDC’s library a group of YCH staff members read aloud for our youngest children.
Some of the older children joined a group who took care of preparing the food for our hungry guests.
After every group finished their activities, we reunited under the big pavilion in front of CDPC’s Education Center to try the results of the cooking group. In this way, everyone was treated with a lovely lunch including fresh local fruits, soup, noodles, French Fries, Fish Balls, Tempura Mushrooms and Coconut Cake.
Before saying goodbye, we seized the chance to thank our friends from Baan Jing Jai for their visit, to wish them a joyful Christmas time and to give them our Christmas bags.
We would like to thank our friends from Baan Jing Jai for spending this fun morning with our children at CPDC and, besides, we would like to sincerely thank YCH not only for visiting the CPDC, but also for their unexpected and most appreciated generous donation of 60,000 baht and of plenty of necessities.