Special Guests from Germany Visit Our Projects

The reason why those two famous German VIPs travelled together to Pattaya is both their common interest in charity work.
It all began in November with the Cologne Charity Sports Night which was organized by several charitable organizations including Mr Reiner Calmund’s “Stiftung Tapfere Kinder”.
In this night, there had been a big tombola and an auction in order to raise money in favor of children in need. Eventually, more than 100,000 Euros – that are about 4 million baht – were collected by auctioning many things in high demand such as a trip to Thailand.
The person who bid best for going on this journey was Mr Wolfgang Bosbach, a member of the German Parliament.
Now, Mr Bosbach flew with his family to Thailand. Luckily, they have Mr Calmund who will show them around as he has been many times in Thailand before.
Mr Bosbach, his wife, his daughter and Mr Calmund started their journey through Thailand in Bangkok. In Bangkok, Mr Bosbach was invited to the German ambassador’s residence for dinner because a politician is a rare guest these days since there had been the military coup in Thailand. So the German ambassador Rolf Schulze invited Mr Bosbach, Mr Calmund and a couple of other guests including Mrs Radchada Chomjinda and one of the HHN volunteers.
After we already met Mr Bosbach, it was a joyful reencounter this Thursday when Mr Bosbach, his family and Mr Calmund visited the CPDC.
As Mr Calmund has visited the CPDC before – in fact, he even donated one of the boy houses – the children gathered round him to welcome their friend and could not wait to show our new guests around. The guided walk around the compound was a good opportunity for us to share the CPDC’s aims and vision towards self-sufficiency and sustainability.
Besides, our girls at CPDC had prepared a charming dance performance for our guests and the boys loved to play football with the visitors.
However, we did not have much time, because we wanted to show Mr Bosbach the Pattaya Orphanage afterwards.
As Christmas time has just finished a few days earlier, our children had prepared a little surprise for ourmost-welcome guests from Germany. The children choir sang a couple of Christmas carols to hearty welcome Mr Bosbach, his family and Mr Calmund.
Later on, Mr Calmund seized the moment to talk with his godson Lor who he is sponsoring for many years before all our guests enjoyed spending some time with the babies and toddlers.
Looking back at a lovely day together, we would like to thank Mr Wolfgang Bosbach for his generous donation in the Cologne Charity Sports Night and that he showed great interest in our work and spend some time with our children. We wish him all the best for his further stay in Thailand.
Furthermore, we would like to thank Mr Reiner Calmund for his most-appreciated continued support.