The “Begegnungszentrum” Supports our Children

The Begegnungszentrum Pattaya is a German speaking Protestant Church in Pattaya.
On 4th December Father Weidel and Mr Wolfram Reda visited the Pattaya Orphanage and decided to dedicate all the donations which they would collect in their Christmas service to our children.
Of course we were already grateful that they wanted to do something in favour of our children and that they came up with such a lovely idea to raise money as we are always depending on donations.
Fortunately, during the Christmas service the German speaking Protestant Church in Pattaya could collect 20,000 Baht which they wanted to donate to our children at the Pattaya Orphanage and the CPDC.
This is the reason why the German speaking Protestant Church invited Mrs Radchada Chomjinda and some of our children to their New Year’s reception in their “Begegnungszentrum Pattaya Naklua”.
For this joyful occasion our children from CPDC had prepared two dances to give their generous sponsors a pleasure and to thank them for their donation.
Therefore, firstly to beautifully-dressed girls performed a traditional Thai dance and afterwards a group of girls performed a charming dance called “hula hoop”.
We did not know that Father Weidel and Mr Wolfram Reda had a surprise for our children in store. They wanted to give our children a pleasure, thus bought big balloons for each of the children.
The children could not wait to get their balloons and went home happy with these unexpected presents.
We would like to thank the German speaking Protestant Church in Pattaya for their most-appreciated generous donation and for having such a nice surprise in store for our children.