The US Navy's Visit at the Pattaya Orphanage

The group takes part in the Cobra Gold Exercise and is therefore two weeks in Thailand. In order to show them a few nice places in Pattaya, Mr. Peter Thorand organized a visit at the Pattaya Orphanage on Tuesday morning.
At 9 o’clock the US Navy troop arrived at the orphanage and was hearty welcomed by Mrs Radchada Chomjinda. Afterwards, we showed them a short video introducing the orphanage and its history.
Later on, we had some time to visit the children. Our first stop was at the baby’s room where the visitors where immediately surrounded by the little children who wanted to be picked up and hugged for a while.
Following this, we went to the play room where a group of toddlers had already started playing. Our visitors did not hesitate to get in touch with our toddlers spending some time with them on playing and for instance pushing them through the whole room on a Bobbycar.
However, the toddlers had to leave for a quick health check-up. We seized the moment to show our guests also the young students of the School for the Deaf. The US Navy troop showed great interest in this place and in the Thai sign language. Again, they quickly got in touch with the children, although communication was a little more difficult this time.
After spending so much time on playing with the children, we had a short guided walk around the compound showing the interested group of the US Navy some more places such as the Dining Hall and the farming project.
In the end, we could not help but visit the toddlers once again. It was a very happy reunion and the children were overjoyed when our guests picked them up and threw them playfully in the air.
Eventually, our new friends from the US Navy had to say goodbye, although they would have loved to play with the children a little longer.
We would like to thank this group from the US Navy for showing so much interest in our work and for playing so nicely with our children.