Chinese Acrobats Performed at the Pattaya Orphanage

This year was the third time that the Pattaya Orphanage hosted a Chinese acrobatics group for a stunning show.
In the early morning, the sports field of the Pattaya Orphanage was turned into a big open-air theatre with a huge stage and thousands of chairs. In the afternoon, the curious children from the orphanage could have a first glance at the Chinese Acrobats’ skills by watching the last rehearsal.
Later on, the first guests were hearty welcomed by the orphanage’s staff and had the opportunity to choose whether they wanted to save themselves some good seats in front of the stage or to have a look around and to get some food for dinner. In this way, money could be collected for the orphaned children as all the proceeds from selling food and drinks went to the “Education Fund” just like the proceeds from selling tickets for the show .
We were very glad to see that most of our guests were families with children who wanted to give their children a pleasure just like we wanted to give it to our children. Besides, we were happy that so many of the orphanage’s friends and benefactors joined for this unique event in Pattaya and, moreover, that also our children from CPDC could visit the orphanage on this special evening.
After about 1,500 guests had arrived and had taken a seat, the spectacular show could finally begin.
Father Michael Weera Phangrak welcomed our guests and thanked all the sponsors of this evening such asSangsuriyachat 2002 Co., Ltd, the Thai Alangkarn Theater and the Human Help Network Foundation before leaving the stage clear for the first breath-taking performance of the male acrobats who jumped all over the stage and presented astonishing human pyramids.
After this stunning opening of the show, a group of female dancers performed a delightful dance which gave everyone a moment to relax and to catch one’s breath.
Following, the show was rich in variety alternating between male and female performing groups and couples who either jumped in amazing speed and height all across the stage or were flying beautifully over the stage performing balancing in a tightrope.
The Chinese acrobats impressed not only with the beautiful, constantly changing costumes but also with their ability to do many kinds of somersaults and furthermore being able to combine these skills with many obstacles like single hoops, towers out of hoops and ropes. However the last performance did not include any somersaults but the art of driving a huge unicycle making it look so easy as part of a charming dance.
In the end, it was a wonderful event and we were overjoyed seeing smiles on the faces of all our guests, thus this Charity Event was a complete success.