Setting an Example

Their visit in the afternoon was organized by World Vision Thailand, a Christian humanitarian organization which is working with children and families in nearly 100 countries in order to fight poverty and injustice.
Therefore, the CPDC was asked to present our way to support children in need with our Child Protection Program consisting of four steps including Outreach Work, the Drop-In Center, the CPDC and Preventative Work.
On Wednesday afternoon our guests were hearty welcomed by Khun Yaa, CPDC’s director before she handed over to Khun Noi, the project manager of the Drop-In Center and head of the Mobile Training Unit team. He and the other social workers presented the work of our Mobile Training Unit which was donated by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) only about half a year ago. By now, our MTU team has already designed a schedule organizing their visits at different places in Pattaya’s slum areas where they entertain and moreover, make the children aware of the dangers on the streets like the risk of being abused.
Talking about the equipment of the Mobile Training United such as a screen and library, showing a video on the screen was surely the best way as our guests could put themselves in the children’s place who are usually the ones sitting in front of this Mobile Training Unit watching cartoons for instance about cases of exploitation.
Later on, our guests were treated with some snacks such as fresh local fruits, Fish balls and Tempura mushrooms and could stretch their legs during a guided walk around CPDC’s compound. That way, our guests could also get an overview of CPDC’s aims and work.
Eventually, we had told our guests all about our efforts in helping children in need, thus our guests could return back home happily without any unanswered questions, but with a good deal of new information.
We would like to thank all the volunteers from Chonburi who have shown such a kind interest in our work and besides, we would like to thank World Vision Thailand for organizing their visit.