US Navy and Song Low Classic at CPDC

In the early morning, the US Navy arrived at the CPDC to spend a few joyful hours with us.
After a short welcome, the music started and the children and the US Navy began with different activities.
At first, most of the younger boys played football, while many girls started to play volleyball on the overcrowded field. But after a while you could also see basketball-groups and frisbees flying through the air.
As usual, the children had a lot of fun with the Navy!
One of the highlights were the team-sport-games where two big groups competed against one another in running through hula hoops or moving as fast as possible as a ‘group-snake’.
But this Saturday, it was not just the Navy that was at CPDC, the Song Low Classic Riders visited the children too.
These guys arrived even earlier than the Navy and left in the afternoon. Of course they played with the children, but they also helped in the garden too.
It took about one hour the get the ground behind the sports area prepared, so the children can plant new vegetables now.
Due to the huge amount of people this Saturday, the canteen could not be used for lunch. Instead, all of our guests and children enjoyed a delicious meal on the sports area, which was prepared and served by the Riders group.
We would like to thank all our visitors for being part of such a lovely day! See you soon!