Farewell Party

It is already nine months ago that Sarah Hansen, a psychiatric nurse from England, had offered her help to us. Since then she has been a valuable part of our team especially to our Mobile Training Unit. Sarah joined our MTU team, thus visited every day another school, children home, slums area or construction side where she could provide first aid for the ones who needed it.
Lately, Sarah came up with the idea of a own MTU song and dance to entertain the children.
Of course, this new song had been played over and over again on our party on Sunday evening.
In fact, this was only one of the surprises which the MTU team had in store for Sarah.
One other big surprise had been that the children who used to stay at the Sanuk Day Care Center where invited to join the celebration.
At first, Sarah could not believe it and where overjoyed to see these children one last time after she already had to say goodbye to on her last visit. Sarah used to meet these children every week with the MTU, therefore finally saying goodbye was not that easy for her.
However, our farewell party was the perfect occasion to spend one last evening together with chatting, dancing and singing.
Therefore, this was also a great way for Bernadette Thiele to meet our children at CPDC once again before leaving us after three months. During the last few months she has supported our team in the HHNFT office and moreover, had spent her Saturdays in CPDC where she taught some children how to play the recorder or simply spend some time with them playing football and other games.
Of course, we have already said it many times but it cannot be repeated often enough: Thank you very much, Sarah Hansen and Bernadette Thiele. You have been a great support for us and it was a pleasure to work with you. Therefore, we are truly grateful and hope to see you again.