Jester´s 18th Children´s Fair at Regents International School

It was the eighteenth time, that Jester´s organized this event to raise money for children in need. Doing this, Jester´s is able to make a safe shelter, education and special schooling for the disabled possible. We want to show respect to Lewis Underwood, the chairman of Jester´s, and his big group of helpers.
From 10 am to 6 pm, different groups of children danced and sang on the stage. They were kindergarten groups as well as sport groups and many others. In spite of the high temperatures, everybody had a great time with these fantastic performances.
However, that was not the only amusing activity of that day. There were over a hundred stalls, in which you could buy delicious food, paint small statutes, get a massage and much more.
Human Help Network Foundation Thailand was happy to have one stall, too. Thanks a lot to Jester´s for making this possible and making us part of the event. We sold a lot of “Pattaya United” T-shirts and some Tickets for the charity event in the Alangkarn Theatre on 18th of October. Furthermore our mascot was present, which was a pleasure for all the children. On top of that, the CPDC children had the possibility to join the event and participated in the activities of the different stalls. A great “Thank you” goes to the people who supported us.
This day was a lot of fun for everybody and we are looking forward to the next time