United through Football

After arriving everybody had to sign in and lined up behind a girl in a traditional Thai costume. Finally all the teams walked around the huge football field, waving their flags. Moreover, we had the honor to get some footballs as every team got. Thank you very much!
Following our team warmed up and got the last instructions before the first match started. Playing in the hot sun, they did a really good job and even scored the first goal. The children and teachers, who came with them, supported our players as much as they could, cheering with drums, singing and commendations and having disposed cold water after every match.
Before the second half of the competition started, everybody enjoyed a delicious meal. Thereafter, it was the turn of our players to play against another team, meanwhile the others did their best to encourage the team. Unfortunately, they did not win, but they did their best and winning is not the most important thing. All of us were happy, that we had the possibility to join the competition and enjoyed the day very much.
Thank you to the Father Ray Foundation that you organized the tournament and thanks a lot to everybody who helped in realizing the day. Additionally, a well done goes to all the football players, who outdared the sun and played very well.