Fun day at the beach

Our special guests on this day were our likable sponsors Mr. Otto and Mrs. Lise Vang from Denmark.
When we arrived at the beach side, it took about one minute until most of the children ran into the water. Also Mr. Otto and a few members of the Human Help Network Foundation, had lots of fun in the sea. Some of the children took some air mattress with them and acted like they would be on a boat. It was a really nice feeling to see the children laugh and smile all the time.
At 11 o’clock it was time for lunch. Because of being in the water the whole morning, every member of the group was really hungry. We ate sticky rice with chicken, which tasted very delicious. As everybody got some new power because of the food, the water fun went on.
A pity thing was that the sun did not shine all day long. Two hours after lunch, the clouds went dark and the rain began to fall. We packed our things and jumped in our cars back to CPDC. On the way home lots of children were really tired because of the exiting day and slept in the cars.
We want to say thanks to our kind- hearted sponsors Mr. Otto and Mrs. Lise Vang and the fun we had with you on this day. It is always an honour to have you with us and we are really looking forward to the next visit of you two.