Kids Christmas Party at Diana Garden Resort

The whole afternoon started with a delicious lunch for everybody. Thereafter Khun Peter welcomed the children and the guests and right after we showed respect to His Majesty The King’s anthem, Santa Claus arrived. The children of the different Centers sang Christmas songs for him and in turn got huge bags with a lot of presents inside. The older children of the Day-Care-Center had prepared “Quiet night, holy night” and even hold candles in their hands which looked gorgeous.
While the children studied the content of their presents, Doc Penquin went on the stage. He asked children to come up to the stage and amused the whole audience with his tricks and jokes. In the end of his show, every child got a balloon to play with.
Khun Toy had prepared presents for the children as well, which they got in wonderful little bags.
Before a new activity started, a short break with ice-cream was taken. Because of that everybody was strengthened to take part in the Santa Claus song and dance. It was so much fun, that we even sang and danced the song twice. We also had the honour to watch a traditional Thai dance by an artist of the Thai Alangkarn Theatre.
Again, Khun Toy had a surprise for the children. A little song contest was hold, of which the winner got a marvelous, pink bag filled with sweets. Three children of the Take Care Kids sang together and two of Phim’s Day-Care-Center were so brave to sing alone in front of the huge audience. But it broke the ice and all the children of the Day-Care-Center came to the front to sing together and also did not want to stop to dance. On every face, you could see a lovely smile.
Following, kids of the CPDC came to perform a dance. Unfortunately, they were caught up in a traffic jam, so it was feared that this act must be cancelled. However, finally they arrived and danced – again with the support of the other children, who copied the dance moves. The performers, who came directly from school, also got bags with present which Santa had left behind for them.
That was already the last part of the amusing Christmas party. On behalf of the children we want to express our deep thanks to the hosts, who made possible an afternoon, which was much different to the ordinary ones of the children. Everybody enjoyed the day and will also have fun in the future with the wonderful presents.