Book release of “MISDEED” in Diana Garden

Susanne is a photographer from Austria who spent time at the CPDC taking photographs of the children in their natural environment. Her book delves into the world of reality and awareness about the ongoing situation of sexual abuse of children and teenager around Pattaya.
The morning consisted of a presentation by Susanne about her new book and explaining what the photos meant to her. Ms. Susanne addressed the audience about the long process of putting together her richly illustrated book to share with the rest of the world and give awareness to the society that despite all the tragic circumstances of these children there is always help available from places such as the CPDC. Having worked extensively as a photographer for many years Ms. Suanne was able to combine her love of pictures with her passion of writing and acknowledging the support of Mr. Nik Theonen in putting the book together.
Many of the children featured in the book were present and seemed to really enjoy seeing the photographs!
We wish to thank Susanne Jakszus for producing the book and helping to raise the awareness of the CPDC and the work we do. It was a great pleasure for everyone!