German Ambassador visits the CPDC

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany is supporting HHNFT and our advocacy for children´s rights for many years already. Now, the project „Promotion and Protection of Children´s Rights“ will be funded with 60.000 EUR in 2016, the equivalent of approx. 2.4 Mio. THB.
In the early morning, the Ambassador and his wife, the political counsellor Sonja Gebauer and their delegation of the German Embassy, as well as other great benefactors from the Rotary Club arrived at the beautifully and solemnly prepared sports area.
The children of the CPDC and the migrant children of Phim´s Day Care Center already awaited them and everybody was really excited to welcome the special guests.
As everyone took a seat, our beloved director Khun Toy greeted everyone and hold a brief speech about the project and furthermore announced the Thai dancing shows of the children. The first dance was performed by a migrant girl of Phim´s Day Care Center. The second and third one was by the children of the Child Protection and Development Center. In spite of the excitement because of the important visitors they all did a really great job.
After that, the ambassador gave a reply speech and talked about the migrant children and how important it is, to protect these little humans.
Following this, the agreement was signed by H.E. Mr. Prügel and Khun Toy and at the end of the ceremony, the cheque was also presented.
Afterwards, the Ambassador, his wife and his delegation had the possibility to look around the compound of the CPDC and moreover they drove to the Poseidon-Construction Camp in order to visit the work of the Mobile Training Unit on-site.
The whole organization with all the staff and the children wants to say many thanks from the bottom of our hearts to the German Embassy for the continued support and especially for this visit with the great donation. It was a great pleasure to welcome all as our guests!