Mr. Didier visits HHNFT

Since he visits HHNFT every year to keep himself updated on the latest developments, we were all thrilled to show him the progress, which is going on at the new Drop-In Center and the Child Protection and Development Center.
At first he visited the 60 migrant children at the Day-Care-Center, who are learning diligently every day. He even had a chance to meet the first Cambodian teacher at our developing Education Center.
In the evening he also had dinner with our children at the Child Protection and Development Center. Firstly he took a look at the new land of the CPDC, where there will be the new extended agriculture project soon. After his little tour he played badminton with some children and everyone had a joyful time together!
After dinner the girls and boys even performed dances and a song for him, which was a pleasant ending for this special visit!
Thank you so much for your continued support and your interest in our work. We are truly happy to have you as our generous sponsor!