Father Ray’s 13th Anniversary

In 1972, Father Raymond A. Brennan, a Redemptorist priest, was assigned to temporarily help with the work at Saint Nikolaus Church in Pattaya. One morning, when he opened the church door he saw a newborn child left at the stairway front. Not knowing what to do, he took care of the child. News about the fostering of the child spread, resulting in more children being brought to give to him and eventually, the Pattaya Orphanage was found.
Since then, many more projects such as the Sotpattana School for the Deaf and the vocational school for handicapped people and many more have been brought to life.
By now, it is already 13 years ago that Father Ray has passed away. Every August the children, staff, friends and benefactors of all these projects gather together to pay respect at his memorial.