Sailing Program in Remembrance of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club

The two days program at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club started with a delicious American breakfast in the morning of the 16th. Thanks to the great effort of the American Embassy, in the following two days the children learned how to sail, do the right knots as well as they did exercises to strengthen their ability to work in a team. `While sailing, you are becoming one with the wind and the water`, that was the final sentence of the lovely introduction Mr. Jobson gave the children. And to take away even the last worries he added: `the only bad thing about sailing is that you might get wet`.
Before the children went on to learn the practical part of sailing, the Banglamung District Officer visited the Royal Varuna Yacht Club to welcome Mr. Gary Jobson and wish the children a lot of good experiences.
The first day just flew by and at the end of the day, the children had already found out who will be the next sailing super star and together with all the coaches, organisators and helpers we had a big barbecue to end the day up with.
Nobody could have imagined, but the second day was even more exciting than the first one, with the American Ambassador His Excellency Glyn Davies and Madame Davies visiting the Yacht Club and helping the children to clean up a nearby beach. Also the children got the chance to sail together with Mr. Gary Jobson on a fast catamaran. After sailing in the morning, members of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) as well as the Ambassador and Madame went together with the children and teachers to a nearby beach and collected garbage. The huge amount of garbage that was collected and a great presentation by the YSEALI really opened the eyes of the children, to make them want to prevent environmental pollution.
After His Excellency the Ambassador of America sailed together with Mr. Gary Jobson back to the Yacht Club, the children of the CPDC thanked the people responsible for the wonderful last days by performing several beautiful singing and dancing performances that were rewarded with huge handclaps.
To appreciate the achieved sailing skills of the children, the Ambassador His Excellency Mr. Davies together with Mr. Gary Jobson handed out certificates to the children.
The exciting two days ended with a big dinner all together with Thai as well as Western Food.
We, the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand team as well as the children cannot thank you often enough for this wonderful opportunity.
A very special Thank You to Mrs. Anna Rogers, the organizer of these amazing two days. You really did an outstanding job and made the children have such an unique opportunity.
Also Thank You to Khun Oun, who did an amazing organising work and was also a huge help by translating between Mr. Gary Jobson and the children.
Thank You to Mr. Gary Jobson, for your time, advice, presentation and your gift for the children. You are truly a great role model for them.
Thank You to the American Embassy and specially His Excellency the Ambassador Mr. Glyn Davis and Madame for making this great experience even possible and also for cleaning up the beach with the children.
It was an honour to take part in this great event to remember our beloved King, who was a passionate sailor himself.