Joey Kelly visits the Human Help Network Foundation in Pattaya

Joey Kelly, who has been a generous sponsor of Human Help Network for many years and moreover who is one of the most famous ambassadors of “Stiftung Tapfere Kinder”, a German charity belonging to Human Help Network, visited our different projects, played and sang with the small students and spent the day with the children.
After some warm words of welcome from Radchada Chomjinda (Khun Toy) at the Pattaya Orphanage, Ewald Dietrich, the founder of Human Help Network, showed the prominent guest, his family and friends around the area of the Orphanage before the whole group headed off to the ASEAN Education Center in central Pattaya. The children from Cambodia, Lao and Myanmar were already awaiting the guests eagerly.
For this day they had prepared a special surprise for the visitors. After giving flowers to the guests, the students of the ASEAN Education Center started to perform “NaNaNa”, the current number one hit of the Kelly-Family. Not only Joey Kelly, the guitarist of the band, was moved to tears once they started to sing and everybody called for an encore as soon as the children finished the song.
After hearing the song a second time, the children had some time to lay the tables before a delicious meal was served. However, the day was still far from being over. After lunch the children had the chance to perform one more time before the guests left to drive all the way to Huay Yai to visit the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC).
Upon arrival, the group was welcomed by the children and teachers of the CPDC and directly invited to a beautiful Songkran celebration. Together with the children the guests had the chance to participate in a traditional dance for Thai New Year. In the meantime, the children presented some flower garlands to the visitors and blessed them with water from beautiful silver bowls.
Shortly thereafter, the traditional ceremony developed into a wild water fight and the whole hall was filled with music, laughs and running children.
Of course, the visitors had the chance to see the area after getting a first impression of the upcoming holidays. But before starting the tour, Joey Kelly handed over some toiletries and toothbrushes, which were donated by a German dentist, to Khun Yaa and the children.
The children happily showed the guests their home and the different houses before playing basketball with the younger visitors.
The group was noticeably impressed by the Center and all the projects which were implemented by Human Help Network, by the teachers and of course by the children as well as by everybody else.
Human Help Network would like to sincerely thank Mr. Joey Kelly, his family and his friends for their sustained and generous support. We were highly honoured by your visit and we are looking forward to see you again.