Maxploy´s Central & Eastern Thailand Championship 2017

On Saturday, the 17th of June, the children left the Child Protection and Development Center to Si Racha, where the competition took place, in the early morning. Even before the official opening ceremony started, the first round of Sudoku and Jigsaw was due. After competing with more than 150 other students from all over Central and Eastern Thailand, the exhausted students had time to rest a bit while watching the official opening ceremony. Apart from the governors of the eight competing provinces, the organizers and some students opened the two days with a beautiful show consisting of motivational speeches, traditional dances, Thai music and lots of confetti.
After the show, the students prepared themselves for several rounds of A-Math and KumKom (two different forms of the famous game Scrabble). During the next hours, the room was filled with hundreds of concentrated students who tried to beat their opponents.
In the end of the two days, we were more than happy to congratulate Phim, who got first place in his age group (level 1), Eak who came second, place (level 1), Chompoo, who came fourth place (level 1) and Pleum, who got the fifth place (level 2). All of them were awarded in Sudoku. The results of the other games will be published in two weeks.
Exhausted but in high spirits the children celebrated their big successes at a delicious dinner in Pattaya before heading back to the CPDC.