Cyclefest in Pattaya

Early in the morning we headed off to the Siam Country Club where the event was held. There we met children from two or three other NGO’s. Everyone got a helmet and the Cyclefest team explained the course and some safety information. After that every child got a bike and they all lined up at the starting line. Now the race could start.
To prevent  accidents only small groups started at once. The track spread over three kilometers of a closed road. At the finish line there waited some nice medals and water for all the participants.
Coming back from the race most of the children sat down on the grass and were happy and excited about the following lunch, which was well earned.
Finally, it was time to go home. We are all very happy and grateful about the bikes being given to us by Bangkok Bank, the main sponsor of the Cyclefest. It was an exhausting event  but the children also had a lot of fun.