HHN Foundation Thailand supported by Lufthansa Pro Team for one month

Like last year, our Organization truly felt privileged to enjoy the help and great performance of 10 Lufthansa junior executives (PRO TEAM) for one month. With the motivation to contribute positive effects on all the children in the various projects, the Lufthansa ProTeam has again done an impressive job. For the entire month of October, they worked together with the children, built, painted and rehearsed. There were again 4 members of the PRO TEAM give helping hands in the Drop-In Center and alternately, they also accompanied the MTU. In the Drop-In Center, they explained in a playful way and with different experiments the five senses to all the children. After working on various worksheets and singing songs about all five senses and body parts, they explained more precisely every meaning of each sense. For example, the topic of listening, they began by guessing various animals from their noises. This was followed by the great crafting of their own instruments. In addition to panpipes, shakers, a guitar and a small drum set, the children built their own tin telephones. They also added a map of Germany and one of Thailand to the world map from last year and again all the children could immortalize themselves with their handprints.
6 members of the PRO TEAM were active in the CPDC this year. Together with the children of the Farming Project, they dealt with the problem of plastic and also reused some of the plastic bottles. Now you can see kind of a little wall of colored bottles, which is filled with different plants and herbs. With the right arrangement of the bottles they have managed to represent the letters “HHN“ and so it is not only good and useful for the environment, but also gives great decoration. Furthermore, they have redesigned the back of the sponsor wall. They showed the children that as soon as it gets dark, they can use a projector to paint certain pictures perfectly. In addition, they have also created a map of the CPDC, which is now installed in the entrance of CPDC and captures lots of attention of both children and visitors.
In addition to all these projects, they once again rehearsed a wonderful circus performance with the children this year, which was one of the highlight acts of the 10th Anniversary Celebration event. With the motto of nature, the acrobats, footballers, theater actors, diabolists, jugglers, cloth dancers and many more, came up with a truly incredible show. Each child was able to use his/her talent in one of their specialties and inspire the audience. The whole month of exercises and training was well worth it and the kids were very proud of what they have achieved. Without the leadership and support of the Lufthansa PRO TEAM, this would not have been possible. A huge thank you to all who participated.