Time for Christmas Cookies!

At December 1st the CPDC was transformed into a big Christmas Cookie Factory. With the great help of the kids hundreds of cookies have been baked. Also, the children showed high creativity by decorating the cookies in many wonderful and colorful ways. The whole day we created a big mess in the CPDC kitchen but even though it was so much fun and after cleaning up all the children were incredible proud of their results.
At December 19th it was also time for the Drop- In kids to bake some beautiful cookies. At the end all of the children got a small bag with some cookies for them and their families . Thanks to the help of the children, we’ve been very successful again. Even though baking at 30 degrees is a really weird and sweating case, we had great fun together with the children of the Drop- In, the Drop-In staff, some helpers from Germany and the CPDC kids!