On the 6th July the Air Technical Student class 24 visited our CPDC.

Around 1 pm after lunch a group of Air Technical Student class 24(ATS24) arrived in the Child Protection and Development Center. They did not just bring some lovely donations like balls, teddy bears and other toys but also delicious snacks and joyful activities for the afternoon. At around 3 pm the first volleyball match started and a few more matches between the CPDC and the Air Technical Student class 24 took place. It was a huge fun and between all the playing and cheering everybody had some yummy food and enjoyed the great weather and company. After the matches on the volleyball field, also a big football match started. Some of the boys and men gave their best, while the others were cheering more and louder than ever. It was so much fun for everybody and after all the playing, dancing and laughing, everyone enjoyed dinner, together with each other. Some children played one last round of dancing chairs and a wonderful day came to an end. We want to say thank you to the group of Air Technical Student class 24 for making this day so beautiful. Everybody and especially the children enjoyed every moment of this day. We had an incredible amount of fun.