Irish Country Singer Sina Theil Visits Drop-In Center and CPDC

On Monday, August 26th, the famous Irish icon Sina Theil and her manager Khun Mike Gleeson visited the Drop-In Center and the CPDC.

In the afternoon Khun Sina performed an exclusive mini concert for the children and the staff at the Drop-In Center. She performed several famous songs like “Zombie” (The Cranberries) and “See You Again” (Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth), as well as her own songs. The children were very enthusiastic to sing along with her. Afterwards, the children gave a performance of a traditional Thai dance and sang two songs for our guests.

In the evening, Khun Sina Theil and Khun Mike Gleeson visited the CPDC. After a delicious dinner Khun Sina performed another exclusive concert for everybody at the CPDC. Like the children in the Drop-In Center, the children at the CPDC enjoyed her music a lot and were happily dancing to her songs.

We would like to thank Khun Sina Theil and Khun Mike Gleeson for their inspirational visit and their generosity towards disadvantaged children. In addition, we would also like thank Khun Marion Gordon, a former volunteer at HHNFT, who introduced the project to them.

The children and the staff of HHNFT are very grateful to Khun Sina Theil and Khun Mike Gleeson for this memorable experience.