Robotic Workshops with Former German Volunteer

From Saturday, September 28th, to Tuesday, October 1st, the children of the ASEAN Education Center and the CPDC participated in workshops on the topic of robotics. Ms. Viola Gauß, who contributed to the work of HHNFT as a volunteer eight years ago, and Mr. Daan Apeldoorn came all the way from Mainz, Germany, to give our children an introduction into robotics by letting them build a robot that was capable of following a black line on a white surface.

Using two motors, wheels, a programmable unit, a light sensor and lots of lego the children at the CPDC and the Drop-In Center constructed their own “line follower” robots from scratch. They could be creative with the design, so every group had a different unique looking robot in the end. After calibrating the light sensor and programming the line follower accordingly there was a competition to see which robot could master the race track the fastest.

Not only did these amazing workshops spark the children’s curiosity for robotics, but they also were a good lesson concerning important qualities such as teamwork, logical thinking and inventiveness.

HHNFT would like to thank Khun Viola Gauß and Khun Daan Apeldoorn for giving our children the opportunity to learn something about robotics in a fun and interactive way.