Austrian Ambassador visits CPDC for book signing

On Wednesday, March 18th, HHNFT had the honour to receive the Austrian Ambassador Dr. Eva Hager at our Child Protection and Development Center for a book signing of the Austrian children’s book “Die Omama im Apfelbaum” (“The grandma in the apple tree”). The book had been previously translated from German to Thai, as a way of celebrating last year’s 150th anniversary of the bilateral relationship between Thailand and Austria.

In the afternoon our children from the CPDC and the ASEAN Education Center welcomed our special guest, as well as some Austrian benefactors of HHNFT. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic there was a special emphasis on safety measures, such as checking the temperature of every arriving visitor, frequent disinfecting of hands and limited physical contact.

The students of the AEC and the children of the CPDC performed several dance shows to show appreciation for her excellency Dr. Eva Hager. These included two traditional Thai dances, as well as two modern performances by the younger children of both facilities. All parts of the show were met with tremendous applause.

As part of the book signing event the Ambassador played a question-and-answer game with the children: whoever could answer questions on the storyline of the children’s book received a special prize. The children were very excited by this competitive game and participated eagerly. Afterwards, the Ambassador signed each copy of the book, as well as two framed pictures of the HHNFT staff and children that will be placed in the CPDC and in the new ASEAN Education Center respectively.

HHNFT would like to express deep gratitude for the Ambassador Dr. Eva Hager’s visit and her kind support of our projects. We also would like to thank our Austrian benefactors for their continuous dedication to disadvantaged children.