HHNFT joins Pattaya city officials and its partners in the fight against COVID-19

On May 18th,Khun Sonthaya Khunpleum, Pattaya city Mayor, Khun Ronnakit Ekasingh, Pattya city Deputy Mayor together with Khun Radchda Chomjinda and Mobile Training Unit (MTU) paid a visit to local people in Walking Street area and South Pattaya by the invitation of Khun Premrudee Sae-Kow, the president of E-SAN people, Pattaya Association.

On this occasion, MTU distributed a large amount of masks together with the donation of 105,000 THB (100/person sponsored by Khun Enrico) to local people together with various consumer goods and free food provided by the network and associations.

The masks were produced with high quality material, properly sanitized and packaged. They can be washed and reuse for multiple times.

All the masks were given to public free of charge thanks to Khun Enrico Egli, Khun Mary Ann, Khun Sara and Khun Jimmy.