Andrew Scadding

For poor children, Pattaya is a place of real danger, physical and moral. HHN Foundation Thailand, under the leadership of Khun Toy, stretches itself to help children in danger to a place of safety. Whether that be a school, a drop-in, or a new home entirely.


HHNFT is characterised by imagination,dynamism and a ‘can-do’ attitude, as I know from personal experience.


A few years ago I learned by chance of a project in Bangkok, a self-help group for former residents of a hostel for children with HIV. These kids had grown up and moved out ofthe hostel, but formed an association so they could help each other.


Knowing that support for former residents of the Pattaya Orphanage was very close to Khun Toy’s heart, I suggested this to her as being something she might consider.


Under the auspices of HHNFT a similar organisation was operating in Pattaya WITHIN THREE MONTHS and thrives to this day, with a committee of successful former Orphans helping their younger or less fortunate fellows. This is a huge achievement in itself, but demonstrates the rare openness of HHNFT to constructive suggestions which can help them achieve their aims. Not all NGOs take that practical approach.


HHN Foundation Thailand is not only involved in bandaging the wounded, but is actively engaged in preventing the damage. Their anti-trafficking programme among poor, particularly Cambodian immigrant, communities is imaginative, effective, impressive. And possibly unique.


HHNFT just get on and do what other people talk about, and I congratulate them most warmly on their first ten years, their efficiency, economy, effectiveness – but above all for the real love and care they show for children. Everyone, staff and children alike, knows Khun Toy, and knows that she will share and help solve their problems.

I can confidently recommend anyone looking to make a donation to help children in danger in Pattaya to put HHNFT at the top of their list. Your donation will be used effectively by a truly outstanding organisation, and not a single baht will be wasted. This is the way to help children in Pattaya.