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An Adventure with RMA

15.09.2017 – 70 of our Children consisting of children from the Drop-in and from the CPDC were lucky enough to be invited to the fun and learning day at one of the RMA Plants in Sriracha.

An Adventure with RMA

The Adventure started with a truck ride to the plant. At the entrance the children where welcomed by 20 RMA workers who put a lot of effort into making this day as fun for the Children as possible.

At first everyone got a small snack and watched an introductory video about RMA and two of the workers, dressed as bees, started explaining to the kids what awaited them.

After all the groups were formed the tour started and the first thing they got to see was a 3D Printer.


Highlight of the day for the Children was test driving in new cars through a test course including a big ditch filled with a lot of water. Being able to sound the sirens of a new police car also caused alot of excitement.

All of this excitement was topped of with a big lunch at the plants canteen.

Before leaving the children from the Drop -in showed their repartoire of songs once again. After a round of applause the children were each handed a bag of snacks causing excitement once more.


And a special word of, thanks for the donation that was made.

The RMA Team put a great effort into making this day memorable for the children and we are beyond greatful for this amazing opportunity that you presented the children.


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