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Celebrating Songkran at the Pattaya Orphanage

19.04.2015 – On Sunday, 19th April 2015, all our children and staff at the Pattaya Orphanage as well as our children from CPDC joined together for a charming ceremony celebrating Songkran.

Celebrating Songkran at the Pattaya Orphanage

Therefore, everyone dressed up in blouses and shirts with a colorful flower pattern and the volunteers and guests from outside tried to find their way to the orphanage without getting completely soaked or powdered on their way through the busy streets.


After our guests and friends had arrived safely, we gave them a moment to dry again. In fact, we started our Songkran celebrations with quite a small amount of water.


Instead, everyone took a seat under the pavilion which had been set up to provide shade while we enjoyed the traditional Thai dance which had been performed by some girls from the orphanage which were dressed in beautiful Thai silk dresses.


In the following, all the children from the orphanage and the CPDC kneeled down in front of Father Michael Weera Phangrak, Khun Toy, Khun Ah and all the other senior employees and some volunteers who were sitting at a long table in front of the pavilion. All of them had small bowls of water decorated with flowers in front of them in order to wish the younger ones all the best for the New Year by splashing only a little bit of water on them or touching their cheeks with their wet hands.


Later on, our guests and friends seized the chance to receive best wishes for the New Year as well.


When the ceremony had ended, everyone gathered in front of the long table with the older ones to take a group picture, thus to capture this moment of happiness. However, Father Michael Weera Phangrak and the other ones who were sitting at the table behind had a little surprise in store. That’s why the photographer’s words “one, two, three” were not followed by a group of smiling people but a crowd of shrieking and laughing people who just got splashed with cold water from behind.


This way, we all finished the official part of the Family Day celebration with a good laughter and another fond memory of a great day together.


In the end, everyone was treated with lovely lunch choosing between a noodle soup, Fish balls, sticky rice, sandwiches and ice cream, coconut cake and fresh local fruits, before our children reached for their water guns to start a big water fight.


We would like to thank the Pattaya Orphanage for organizing such a wonderful Songkran celebration which gave our children and our guests and friends the chance to experience both, the traditional ceremony and the modern interpretation of Songkran with its big water fights.


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